FAA, US Air Force team up on advanced air mobility Efforts

 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is partnering with the U.S. Air Force to help support the safe integration of advanced air mobility aircraft into the National Airspace System. 

Under an agreement signed during an Oct. 25 event at Duke Field in Florida, the agencies will exchange data and share capabilities and expertise for testing these emerging technologies. 

“A new era of aviation is taking off and safe and efficient operations require collaboration,” said FAA technology development director John Maffei. “This data will help inform FAA certification efforts, policies, standards, and future airspace integration requirements.” 

The FAA signed the agreement with AFWERX, a technology directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

“With this MOU and the ongoing AAM Interagency Working Group, we are accelerating a breakthrough in electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft,” said Col Elliott Leigh, AFWERX director and chief commercialization officer for the Department of the Air Force. “We are driving progress in propulsion technology, in manufacturing and materials, and in test and safety for a novel class of air vehicles.”

In July the FAA released an implementation plan detailing the steps it and others will need to take to safely enable advanced air mobility operations in the near term. 


Los Angeles Metal Finishing Symposium CHEMEON Keynote

2019 Florida Finishers Expo
Los Angeles Metal Finishing Symposium

CHEMEON® Surface Technology  VP Technology,Dr. Sjon Westre, delivered a Keynote presentation “Hexavalent Chrome Alternatives”at the Metal Finishing Symposium in Los Angeles on January 23rd. CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hexavalent Free) Suite of MIL-SPEC and Military grade chemistries meet or exceed and comply with  MIL-DTL-81706. MIL-DTL-5541 Type II. MIL-C-5541 Class 1A and Class 3, ROHS. REACH. WEEE. ELV. OSHA, ASTM B921. CHEMEON TCP-HF, CHEMEON TCP HF- EPA (Extra Protection Additive) and CHEMEON TCP-HF SP (Spray) can be found on the Qualified Products List (QPL)
CHEMEON Trivalent Chrome
Keynote delivered by Dr. Sjon Westre, Vice President CHEMEON Surface Technology ”Hexavalent Chrome Alternatives” delivered to attendees of the Metal Finishing Symposium in Los Angeles, California.

Metal Finishing Symposium key players and exhibitor: (from left) Jennifer Kong P.E., Industrial Waste Management, L.A. Sanitation, Jane Williams, Executive Director CCAT, Mandi Bane PhD, Staff Analyst, Toxic Epidemiology Department, LA County Dept. of Public Health.

This collaborative effort to create a Metal Finishing Symposium between community action, industry and government was organized by the City of Los Angeles, LA Industry, County of Los Angeles, Public Health, LA City Sanitation/Environment, and the County of Los Angeles in conjunction with the Jane Williams and the California Communities Against Toxics (CCAT) and Wesley Turnbow of EME Plating on behalf of the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC). CHEMEON is a proud member of both MFASC and Metal Finishers of Northern California (MFANC).  LA Industry is a collaborative network of Los Angeles based businesses and resource agencies.  Their goal is to achieve a cycle of sustainable practices that will benefit our environment, economy, and community.

EME Plating Owner/President Wesley Turnbow welcomed the audience and introduced opening remarks from Angelo Bellomo, Deputy Director for Health Protection, LA County Public Health (LACPH), and Michael Simpson, Industrial Waste Management Division Manager Los Angeles Sanitation/Environment.
Hexavalent Chrome Alternatives CHEMEON
Symposium welcome by Wesley Turnbow EME Plating/MFASC (upper left) and opening remarks by Michael Simpson, Industrial Waste Management Division Manager, LA County Public Health (LAPC) (center) and Angelo Bellomo, Deputy Director for Health Protection, LAPC. (far right)

EME Plating Owner/President Wesley Turnbow welcomed the audience and introduced opening remarks from Angelo Bellomo, Deputy Director for Health Protection, LA County Public Health (LACPH), and Michael Simpson, Industrial Waste Management Division Manager Los Angeles Sanitation/Environment.
Keynotes also included: 
Alan Olick, Owner of General Brite Plating presented "Trivalent Chromium & Waste Reclamation"
Alan Olick with CHEMEON
“Trivalent Chromium and Waste Reclamation” Keynote presented by Alan Olick, President/Owner General Brite Dip
Justin Guzman, President AirCraft X-Ray presented “Technologically Advanced Wastewater Treatment.”
CHEMEON Air Craft X-Ray
“Technologically Advanced Wastewater Treatment” Keynote Presenter Justin Guzman, President Aircraft X-Ray

Panels included:

New Technologies in Metal Finishingpanel moderated by Wesley Turbow, past President MFASC and President/Owner of EME Plating. Panel included (from Left) Justin Guzman, President of Aircraft X-Ray, Alan Olick, Owner/President of General Brite Plating, Dr. Sjon Westre , Vice President Technology, CHEMEON Surface Technology. (Standing) Scott Peterson, President of Workflo by Beyond Relations.

The Panel “Water and Incentives” Water and Incentives which was led by Executive Director of CCAT and Environmental Justice Advocate Jane Williams, panelists included Victor Garcia, LA Department of Water and Power and Elise Goldman, Metropolitan Water District.
Water and Incentives was led by Executive Director of CCAT and Environmental Justice Advocate Jane Williams.  Panelists included Victor Garcia, LA Department of Water and Power, and Elis Goldman, Metropolitan Water District.

California Metal Finishing Symposium 2019 attendees included (from left) Wesley Turnbow, Symposium Master of Ceremonies, Owner/President EME Plating and past President of the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC), Dr. Sjon Westre, VP Technology, CHEMEON Surface Technology, Bryan Leiker, Executive Director Metal Finishing Association of California (MFACA), Dan Zinman, Miles Chemical

Request a copy of the CHEMEON keynote and learn more about MIL-SPEC CHEMEON TCP-HF®(Hexavalent Free) and Military Grade “Hexavalent Chrome Alternatives.”Contact Shay Davis, Chemist, Business Development Manager, sdavis@chemeon.comor call 775-782-8324.

2019 Florida Finishers Expo
CHEMEON TCP-HFCHEMEON Sponsors The Florida Finishing Conference/Expo 2019CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hex Free)
(from left) CHEMEON on Display at the 9th Annual Florida Finishers Expo (from left) Mike Flanigan, Electrolab & Florida Finishers Corporation (FFC), Shay Davis, CHEMEON Chemist & Business Development Manager, and Clay Mueller, Plating Specialists Inc. and FFC Executive Member


MRO EU 2018 Update: Rhinestahl CTS in Amsterdam to exhibit Engine Tooling, Ground Support Equipment and Tooling Life Cycle Readiness Program

MRO EU Exhibit Floor Report:
by: Shay Davis -

During the coverage of MRO EU at the RAI in Amsterdam, we take a A look at the Rhinestahl Customer Tooling Solutions (CTS) . The U.S. based aircraft engine tooling and GSE (Ground Support Equipment) booth featured their engine tooling and GSE capabilities, service and technical expertise to MROs, OEMs, and airlines

“This year we will showcase how our unmatched technical expertise and tooling life-cycle readiness program saves our customers significant costs, while delivering the right business & tooling solutions for flawless EIS’s,” said Rhinestahl CTS Sales Director, Todd Caccamo. “We are excited to continue building strong customer relationships while solving the difficult challenges faced in this critical region of the world.”

This year's MRO EU featured Rhinestahl's Aftermarket Service Director, Brandon Lafferty as a featured panelist/speaker. 

Rhinestahl capabilities include managing CFM, Rolls Royce and GE jet engine tooling and GSE needs globally. Rhinestahl technical knowledge allows a smooth entry into service (EIS) A distinction of the Ohio based company is  the only global engine tooling and GSE provider with cradle-to-grave aftermarket solutions, custom fit to solve specific operational needs.

Rhinestahl Customer Tooling Solutions (CTS) is based in Mason, Ohio, Rhinestahl CTS is a global leader in aircraft engine tooling and ground support equipment where quality, on-time delivery, exceptional service, and technical performance are our core values. As an OEM licensee of GE, CFM International, and Rolls-Royce for engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul tooling,  Rhinestahl is known to deliver worry-free tooling solutions – "to keep you flying." Founded in 1967, Rhinestahl was recently recognized as one of the area’s top 100 privately held companies by Deloitte.  Learn more at: coverage of MRO EU is powered by CHEMEON Surface Technology, a global leader in MIL-SPEC corrosion protection for light metals. Learn more about the "power of Protection" at 



Engineers throughout the aerospace and defense industry are under constant and increasing pressure to improve the performance of materials, reduce corrosion and wear, and reduce the cost of acquisition and lifecycle sustainment. Simultaneously, occupational and environmental safety and health regulations are driving the replacement of common surface treatments to combat wear and corrosion. U.S. and European private companies and defense sectors are striving to mitigate risk through compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations (2016). Worldwide, there remain increasing pressures to eliminate cadmium (Cd) and hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) from aerospace and industrial supply chains. Selling and maintaining U.S. weapon systems in Europe means that REACH also affects U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. original equipment manufacturers (OEM); however, Cd and Cr+6 can still be used today in the U.S. with appropriate precautions.
Advanced Surface Engineering Technologies for a Sustainable Defense (ASETSDefense) is SERDP & ESTCP’s initiative to provide engineering resources and information to the defense industry along with a database to meet the needs of testing, qualification, and implementation. In addition, SERDP & ESTCP support workshops that provide an opportunity for design and sustainment engineers, industrial hygienists, program managers, and government officials to share recent developments and information on testing and implementation of sustainable chemical and process alternatives. An ASETSDefense Workshop includes presentations and technical posters, with an emphasis on stakeholder dialog, including side meetings for detailed examination of particularly significant issues and alternatives that are moving rapidly into production.

The ASETSDefense Workshop for 2018 was concluded on Thursday August-23, with great success.  A total of 221 representatives of over 130 different organizations, including both public (78 participants) and private sector (143 participants), made their way to Denver CO, along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for 3-days to share developments on testing and implementation of sustainable chemical and process alternatives.

ASETSDefense provides primary research and engineering resources to the defense industry in support of reducing both costs and associated risks to DoD from corrosion.  Risks associated with corrosion that were highlighted during the meeting include: (1) DoD estimates approximately $20.6 billion annually to costs that are directly attributable to corrosion of weapon systems and platforms, support equipment, and facilities[1], and (2) up to 1/3 of non-availability-days are attributable to DoD assets under repair for corrosion, and therefore unavailable for use. 
The workshop included 49 presentations and 26 technical posters across a wide-range of topics that included:
  • Current needs and new approaches to address environmental issues
  • The use of alternatives at Depots and OEMs
  • Accelerated corrosion testing
  • Coatings for corrosion and wear
  • Corrosion modeling and prediction
  • Methods of repair
  • Applying and depainting chrome-free systems
  • Changing regulatory frameworks
Please refer to the final agenda for more information, including session descriptions and specific titles.  Throughout the meeting, the importance of dialog between stakeholders was emphasized by including room for both impromptu side-meetings and pre-scheduled working groups for more detailed examination of significant issues. 
Visit for more information about this and previous meetings, including links to presentations and access to engineering data.

[1] “Estimated Impact of Corrosion on Cost and Availability of DoD Weapon Systems, FY18 Update.” USD(AT&L). March-2018.